Take Life By The Horns!

Minotaur Horns that is because life is too short to be boring.
How you ask? Pick up an
Axe or a Knife at Minotaur Sports in Barrie, or take up your choice challenge with Nerf Guns or Zing Bows . Challenge your friends, family and even people you don’t know to an EPIC test of arms. Even Join a League

Are you ready to have fun?

Axe Throwing!

Bring your friends, bring your family, or bring your co-workers!
Come check out our brand new axe throwing facility in Barrie, one of the largest in all of Simcoe County, plenty of lanes, and lots of room for even the biggest groups.

We're also the only axe throwing facility that we know of in simcoe county , to allow ages 13+ as apposed to the industry standard of 18+ so you can enjoy a great time with the whole family!

Bookings are 1.5 - 2 hrs in length depoending on party size. We can make adjustments for longer times if you have a really large group.​​​  Pricing varies based on numbers.   Discounts will be applied for Youth and Larger Groups over 15  

Archery Dodge Ball!

Archery Dodge Ball is a twist on an favorite sport that you grew up with or play today.  The Twist is that its with ARROWS.  Yes that is Right Arrows.  But they are special and Foam Tipped.  You will be protected.  Well Mostly!

2 - Teams of 4 to 7 Players face off agianst each other across the Field.  Ready! Set! Go!.  Run to the safe zone and grab your Arrows.  But you better be Fast because somone will be just that much faster and Arrows will FLY!​​  Minimums of 8 players for a booking.

30$ PP

Wicked Nerf Battles!

Take the Battle to your friends and foes alike!  Nerf battles will give you access to plenty of firepower.   Pick up a Doominator, a 24 Dart 6 Drum Behemoth., or the Badlands Blaster.  Plenty to go around. 

Each Party booking is 1.5 hr in length. Consisting of 3 X 15min Battles with a 5 min reload cycte in between. The first 15-30 min is prep time. This is fun for the whole family.​​​

Average Party price with Party Room is $27.50PP

Indoor Sports!

Looking for some indoor fun?

Each Party booking is 1.5 hr in length. Consisting of 3 X  25 min games with a 5 minute rest break in between while we setup for the next game. This is fun for ages 5+

We play : Dodge Ball, Soccer, and Floor Hockey

Team are split evenly.

VR Exeperience!

Ready to experience the awsomeness of VR - Virtual Reality?  Now you can here at Minotaur Sports.  
Step into the The Minotaur VR Room. Strap on the HTC Vive VR Systems and get ready to be amazed, thrilled and wowed all at the same time.

With your choice of games and applications your time will seem to go quickly.  Thats because your having a blast ands won't want to leave.

VR Experiences are booked in 1/2 Hr Increments so when you book your time and want an hour, make sure you book the second time slot aswell!  This can be fun for the wholle Family.

We Specialize in Birthday Parties, Bachelor and Bachelorette Outings aswell!

Nerf Party Example:


Minotaur Sports is calling all Nerfers. Come enjoy a round of games with your friends and family. It is safe to say that we have one of Barrie’s biggest and epic Nerf collections. Choose from our inventory of different guns. We will be using the latest Nerf guns; this event is perfect for ages 7+ (This age limit is strictly enforced)

What’s included: Everything You Need to Play

2 ½ -HR Session $27.50 / Player ( 1 Hour in the Party Room, 1 1/2 Hrs in the Nerf Arena) - This is a private party and not shared.

Printable Birthday Invitations

Fridge is provided for your food and Drinks, your can order Pizza/Food and have it delivered but none is provided.
At the end of the event all participants can sign there name on the wall of fame.

Darts provided include: Elite Darts, Mega Elite Darts & Nerf Rivals (Depending on Age)

Choose from our ‘Gun Chest’ with over a 50 Blasters.
​Food - Please see the bottom of this page

​Please Book online (Request Use of the Party Room), you will be called or emailed back for verification on your party room time)
Book online now or Click this button to send us a request for us to call you!

** Note : Our facility has a  minimum age requirements :  Nerf Blasters (7+) Nerf Rivals (10+), Archery Dodge Ball (11+) and Axe Throwing (13+).  These will be strictly enforced in order to ensure that our guests enjoy thier time at our Facility Its use is for paying customers only.  We will make an exception for party bookings and corporate events where some parents will help in the nerf area / party room.  However we have no changing tables or Area for infants or toddlers so please make arrangements for external care as there is no area for them to remain when the Nerf Activities or Axe Throwing is in process and youth under the Age of 13 cannot be in the Axe Throwing Area during its use. 

** We have Snacks / Water / Pop for sale. Please do not bring food during walk in hours.

** Minotaur Sports maintains a strict no Alcohol Policy - This is applied through out the facility.

Start Your Next Adventure now!

The Online booking form below only indicate the Time for the Main Activitiy.  If you are booking a party and wishing to use the party room it will be for 1 hour after the 1.5 hours in the Battle Arena 
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