Take Life By The Horns!

Minotaur Horns that is because life is too short to be boring.
How you ask? Pick up an
Axe or a Knife at Minotaur Sports in Barrie, or take up your choice challenge with Nerf Guns or Zing Bows . Challenge your friends, family and even people you don’t know to an EPIC test of arms. Even Join a League . Minotaur Sports is a freaking awesome, competitive location which will help bring you to your ultimate peak skill level. Abandon the lame social norms and embrace creative, challenging, and stimulating fun. And guess what? You will even get a good workout without even really knowing it.  We believe and will show you that creating an atmosphere that embraces family, community, hard work, and fun will benefit all who participate. Make new friends, challenge colleagues and be the best that you can be. The new social connections you make as a Minotaur will increase your sense of personal achievement. You will have fun, you will excel and you will never stop wanting more!
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